Where have all the children gone?

Fall has arrived in Ontario, even though we actually have a few days left in the summer. In September the leaves start changing colour. Some of the leaves on the trees have actually changed to red, totally avoiding the change from green to yellow, and from yellow to red. And that’s not the only change I’ve seen.

We purchased a trailer in a camp ground north of Owen Sound. It’s a beautiful area with many Lakes, and a chance to be around nature without seeing to be out in the bush. Summer has been warm and beautiful, with temperatures often reaching well in excess of 30 C and usually always sunny. Many days out on the nearby Lake, boats would be travelling along, children splashing and playing on the docks, and many folks would be getting up early just to avoid the crowds.  Not so much in September.

The children that were splashing and swimming in the Lake have disappeared. They are nowhere to be seen. It seems as though as soon as September arrived, their focus has taken them elsewhere. Perhaps the start of school and the return of the day to day grind have taken them away from the Lake for the remainder of the season. Are they shopping for their Halloween costumes already? Whatever the reason, they are no longer at the Lake.

Why do I notice these things? Well, I’m an avid swimmer who swims at the Lake often. I’m there, rain or shine, cold water or warm waters. And although no one swims with me as I swim, I do like others being around as I swim along. For the first time this season, I was swimming alone. There was no one in the Lake. It’s like I had the Lake all to myself! It was an ire feeling, a feeling like I just wanted to swim and get out the minute my hour long workout ,was over. I decided to swim the butterfly stroke so that I could lift my head and see if anyone was coming down to join me. It didn’t happen!

After my workout, I went back to the trailer. After a couple of hours, I went stir crazy and asked my daughter if she wanted to come with me to see the Lake. I didn’t want to be alone at the lake this time. She agreed and soon we were walking back and forth on the dock!

To my surprise, despite the skies becoming dark, there were a few children splashing and playing. I instantly felt good about being at the Lake again. I wasn’t alone anymore!

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  1. Very nice blog and perspective of the changing season. It is sad to see summer go, but at the same time it allows us to reflect on the past and create special moments like this.

    1. It’s very sad Blair! Can’t believe it’s the end of September already.Agree that this is a time to reflect and remember all the good things from the summer season.

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