Corn Mazes are Amazing!

A typical corn maze entrance.

An actual call to 911 down in the states:

“Hello, 911? We’re stuck in a corn maze… it’s really dark and we’ve got a three-week-old.”

That was an actual call to police in Massachusetts from a young couple with two children who were rescued after failing to navigate their way through the maze as night fell. (From the Barrie Examiner).

Fall Corn Maze - Image credit: Flickr/Sharon Mollerus

Corn Maze has.. you guess it! Corn!

Corn mazes are very creative with an array of designs and themes. The good news is that many great ones are local and will become available throughout October and Thanksgiving Day.

I rediscovered my spirit for Halloween when my daughter became a part of our family. As an adult, I grew out of the Halloween spirit because I thought it was just for children to enjoy. However, that’s really far from the truth. There are many adults who cherish Halloween, and make it into a huge event. Nonetheless, my love for Halloween has been rekindled because of my daughter. Thanks Amelia!!

Image result for corn maze chappell farms

Chappell Farms, located just north of Barrie, Ontario

We found a really unique way to enjoy Halloween, and generally getting into the fall swing of adjusting to new schedules, new deadlines at work, and so on. We went one weekend to a corn maze, which was just north of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Chappell Farms was a suggestion from my wife Linda. Linda worked in the school bus charter department and noticed a surge in bookings to farms with corn mazes and Chappell Farms was a very popular destination!

Image result for corn maze chappell farms

As we entered the maze, we thought about a few options 1) Staying together and walking through as a team; 2) Walking separately, to see who would exist the maze first; 3) Let my daughter run through the maze herself and meet her at the exit!

Option one was the option we picked. We thought our daughter was too young (she was just two years old), and didn’t want to leave her on her own. One day, she would be with us or with her friends and be able to find her way in mere minutes.

Perhaps this year we may purchase a costume early and get into the Halloween spirit as the fall starts!

There are some really great resources out there on where the best corn mazes in Ontario. With that, I decided to go online and look for other corn mazes that are around my area to help others experience the fun and enjoyment we had as a family. The Barrie Examiner had a really good article about finding a local corn maze. Tourism Barrie also is a great resource.

By the way, if you are looking for a costume, please visit my online store. 


Are there corn mazes you would like to share? Have your say here!



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