In search of decorated Halloween trailers..


I was really impressed with our campground having a Halloween themed night in which the children were dressed up and trick or treated around the grounds. While a few trailers were decorated with some decorations, most were not. Must admit that ours was not decorated at all, and we should have so we could have gotten more into the spirit. We did dress up our daughter in a princess outfit from my online store, however we should have done more around my trailer to make it more welcoming to the kids in the park.



Being creatively challenged, I decided to search the internet for what we could do next year at our trailer. While doing the search, I was shocked as to how little there was. Using the most popular search engine, Google, I thought that my search would garner more pictures to share with you all. I did find a few that I thought were worthy. They are below for your viewing pleasure. Let me know what you think!


I discovered through my search that decorating a trailer is really no different than decorating your home on Halloween. Yet a lot of people seem to be creatively challenged when it comes to decorating their trailers!


By the way, Halloween is coming really soon. Sooner than you think. If you need some help shopping for your children’s costumes, I invite you to visit my online store.  Visit us at .




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