Halloween Outfit hunting!

This year will be my daughter’s third Halloween. Three. Already! It’s scary that she is going to be out there on a cool fall day trick or treating with the other children around our subdivision. The problem is that I’m running out of what we should dress her up as. She is now at the age where she can start to express what her likes and dislikes are. In previous years we just picked the outfit that she liked most. One year she dressed up as a lady bug. Last year, she was a princess. What can she be this year? I’ve searched for some ideas on the internet, and was hoping you could provide me with an opinion. Here they are, in no particular order:

Disguise Costumes Baby Girl's Care Bears Wonderheart Bear Deluxe Costume, Pink, 3T-4T


Rubies Costume Baby Pumpkin Romper Costume, Orange, Newborn


Disney's Finding Dory Deluxe Costume for Kids





  1. I’m sure your daughter will look adorable in any of these. But September is not a time I think about Hallowe’en. I’m still in a summer mode and will hold onto summer as long as possible. I can’t go shopping because the stores are filled with Hallowe’en stuff and winter coats. Aaarrrrgghhh!!! Please, let me enjoy the last days of summer before I have to face fall. 🙂


    PS. I’ll let you know what I am wearing in October! 😉


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