Back from the blogging wilderness 

I’m back into blogging after a two year absence. Okay, almost three. But being away from you all wasn’t really all my fault. Thought you should know why I was absent and why I have returned. 

My absence started a few months after my daughter was born. That’s the time also when I was finishing my MBA and most of my blogs at the time were in regards to a strategy course I was talking. I finished my course, and really my family and my daughter became the focus of my life. In addition, my job was new and found myself working in a new environment which I also needed to get used to. By the way, my daughter is now three years old. She’s in the photo above. We consider ourselves very blessed to have our daughter!

The last year, I have decided to get back into swimming and get back into shape. Joined one of the best masters swim teams in the area, the Aurora Master Ducks. Felt great and now I have more energy to blog. I even went to a couple of meets. Hope to go to more this season. LP LP

So, why am I back? Well I decided to start a new business venture with my online Halloween costume store. I’m hoping you’ll have a look, and perhaps buy a costume, or perhaps a couple. And if you really like what you see, you will refer your friends.

Please visit my online store :

My online store 


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