Campground Halloween in August

1051316255_ru3xm-sThis past year, we decided to purchase a trailer north of the city. The reason why we purchased the trailer was because we wanted our daughter to grow up in the Canadian out doors. To our surprise, our camp ground was very social and hold frequent social events. One of them was trick or treating for the kids within the park.  We recommend all RV parks do this for children, as many of the camp grounds are for families.

So we dressed up our daughter who went around from trailer to trailer getting treats from the other parents in the camp ground. I thought it was like I was bringing my daughter out in my neighbourhood in October, except it was warmer. The camp ground even held a draw for a prize! We found the experience very rewarding.

We decided to go back to the trailer, and see what we received in the bag. I decided to eat some of the chocolate. My daughter liked the chips. It was an enjoyable experience. I felt the sugar rush.

By the way, if you are needing help shopping for a Halloween costume, please feel free to visit my online store. I just added a boys costume stock yesterday. We even have costumes for moms and dads:

Next year, we plan on building a haunted house theme. I saw an example online that I posted here as a sampling of what is out there. Can I improve upon this in any way?












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