Halloween is more than just costumes

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Add to the Halloween experience by adding more than just costumes. Here at Bradford Cares, we have come up with some great ideas on how you can accessorize. By the way, if you are in the market for a girl’s costume, we are your one stop shop. Come visit us at:


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Now onto the task at hand. Here are some great ideas on how to enhance your Halloween experience with your family:

Write up a costume report

Get your costume, then prepare an oral report with your child to present to class.

If your child is dressing as a famous person or character, help them read and watch information on this person and prepare a little oral report that they can give in class, at show and tell, or for family members. If your child is dressing as an animal or thing, they can do research and prepare a report. Your child can also include why they chose to dress up as this particular character or animal. A presentation like this one will help practice communication skills.

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Decorate Pumpkins

My fav and an old classic. Really affordable!! Pumpkin decorating is a great activity for fine motor skill development. Carve or paint pumpkins with friends or family! If you have time, you could save the seeds and innards to make toasted pumpkin seeds or bake pumpkin bread later.

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Hunted Houses

Haunted houses can be a ton of fun if you let kids plan and operate their own version. Set directions about props, equipment, and cleaning up subsequently and allow kids some free time to create their own “haunted” involvement. Let the kids think through the path their visitors will take and space out spooky sides along the way. If creating a haunted house is too frightening for your child you can create a fall fun house exhibiting pumpkins, scarecrows, and other fall-themed decorations. Meet up with neighbors and other adults to walk through and enjoy the fun.

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