Don’t play a zero sum game

Today’s tip is to offer some advice from world renounced strategist Michael Porter. If you think what i am about to write is complicated , it isn’t. I’m going to make it really simple so that everyone can understand, even for those who know nothing about business. Porter states that in order to be a winner, you must focus on profits, and not getting the most customers. Another way to say it is by not about getting more customers, it’s about more money you keep as a profit. So small businesses.. You may be asking.. How do I do this? You do it by creating your own value to your customers. In other words, create your business that improves upon itself every day. And not to focus on beating your competition by copying them or getting into a price war. No one wins this’s a zero sum game!! Business owners and consumers alike.. Please feel free to share your thoughts! Sent from my iPad
Sent from my iPad



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