Advice to use to help your small business

Since this is that has many readers who offer business services and products, I would like to share some insight on how a world renounced strategist sees competition. The purpose of me sharing this is so you can apply to your businesses. Michael Porter explains the concept of a perfect competition and those who want to be unique. Those who offer perfect competition means that companies compete against one another based on serving the same need. This often leads to competition based on similar products and features, and then competing against price. What Porter suggests, is for your company to be unique, and to focus in achieving higher profit, and not market share or the highest amount of customers. The goal is just to to be just big enough in order to capture on economies of scale. I’m offering this knowledge for your use to apply to your own businesses. As a business owner,can you think of ways to make yourselves unique and innovative? . Sent from my iPad



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