Bradford losing out on University Campus

Looks like a University campus is already in the works for the towns of Aurora and Newmarket, respectively. According to a recently published article online, both towns have pitched the idea of a northern campus as a satellite location to York University administration. The article states they are a prime northern location that is gridlock free and within a 30 minute drive of York’s main campus in Northern Toronto. The article also mentions that surrounding areas would be well served, including Bradford, and Innisfil to mention a couple of townships in the area.

While a great idea, this idea will conflict with any Bradford plan, if there was any to begin with. I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago with the thought that Bradford should have its town higher education campus, of sorts. At least towns of Aurora and Newmarket have some visions and are seeking ways to diversify their economies. I applaud their efforts. Unfortunately, I think if this bid is successful, Bradford has unfortunately missed the boat on an opportunity to help the town create jobs.

What do you think? Have your say!



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