East side of Bradford residents deserve more!

I think the east side of Bradford deserves better. They have seen in the past few years especially, stores head over to the newer side of town. Yes, it’s the west side of town that’s getting all the action. I must admit, I live on the west side of town. But to be honest, I envy those who live on the east side. Let me tell you why.

Recently, I paid a visit to someone living near the downtown core. The street was appealing. The home, although on the smaller side, has character. I instantly found an inner peace because as I was driving around that neighborhood, it reminded me of homes filled with character and not those that are what I call cookie cutter homes. The homes on the west side, basically look the same. Those on the east side have different shapes and sizes and have much larger lots. With the larger lots is the decreased population density. I bet the people living in that area have been thee for decades. Yet the businesses have deserted them. How fair is that? To have them have to all of a sudden have to drive or walk further to get to what they need on a daily basis – hardly fair !

Even the light posts cater to the west. The light posts are new, shiny and gleaming while if you enter on the east side from bridge street onto Holland, the light posts aren’t so new. They provide light. Nothing glamorous. Nothing flashy. It’s just blah. Again, hardly fair.

This blog post is not about causing a rift between the east and west part of town. It’s about equality. If I lived in the east end of town, I would ask what could be done to bring the east section of town back to life!!


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