Should publicily owned facilities serve up fatty foods?

Anyone craving a fatty burger? How about some French fries with your burger? Onion rings? A milk shake for desert, perhaps? We can get these tasty treats anywhere, like some famous fast food outlets that frankly don’t need more publicity. However, should they be made available at public facilities such as recreation centres, for example?
A medical article I found really last weekend highlighted the issue of fatty foods being made available to young children. This particular article highlighted the need for public facilities to promote healthy eating choices. In Ottawa, a public facility in that part of Ontario has taken some first steps to phasing out fatty foods like burgers and fries, and have replaced with healthier alternatives after a complaint was made by a doctor.
I didn’t really give the article much more thought until I went to a local public facility. I noticed over the weekend at our local recreation facility (which is mighty fine by the way) that they had all sorts of great tasty (and fatty, by the way) treats, from a bag a chips to ice cold smoothies. I loved the convenience of being able to get myself a coffee and a muffin while I took in the activities taking place in the complex. The caffeine woke me up and made me perky and lively. The muffin had the sugar fix I needed to get my day going. I felt great.
Unfortunately, most of the food choices were what I think are fatty, and did not offer healthy foods especially where our youth play sports. I personally fell into the trap (although willingly) of getting a chocolate muffin which is loaded with sugar! But I made that choice and I am an adult. But what about young children? Is it the responsibility of our public facilities to be more responsible than those that are privately operated? Do public institutions whatever they may be have a social responsibility to provide healthier, more nutritious foods? What role to parents play? Or should we the general public, be able to buy whatever we want in public facilities even though they are fatty and could lead our children to be obese adults? What is the point of our children going to play sports when we reward them with a fatty treat after their event or sporting pursuit? Should we praise or complain to our officials about fatty foods being sold? Does the conventional notion of supply and demand apply in this case?
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