Transit system to accommodate GO Transit riders

800px mont tremblant ligne orange
800px mont tremblant ligne orange
The commuters of this fine town, who travel far and wide to attain an income that cannot be had here finally have received some justice. According to an article published in last week’s Bradford Times, GO Train commuters will now be able to obtain transportation to and from the GO Train station from their respective homes.
Although I do not ride the GO Train any longer, I feel for those travelling and needing (and quite often asking.. )for these services. Hundreds of people travel on the line, heading down to Toronto in the morning rush, and head home to Bradford. They take the much needed income and spend it in town at our local shops. And I cheer the town for finally taking these people seriously. The cost of the ride will be fifty cents, and will feature a drop off at the taxi service where the company will bring people to their homes. This in my opinion is a respectable and good solution utilizing town businesses and resources in town.
The initial rollout will not feature the service to commuters, but from my understanding is up and coming and will be implemented soon.  I’m hoping to read more about this initiative in the coming weeks.
Just as a side note – I am quite often a positive cheerleader for the town and what it has done to date to help all of our residents. Jobs still remains a major issue which needs to still be resolved.  Perhaps this can be a discussion item for one of my upcoming future posts. Until then, thank you so much for reading my blog posts. It’s fun to comment about town issues.  I wish I had more time to devote and talk about it in more detail, unfortunately it’s a nonpaying gig and my paid work comes first and foremost important is my family.
Until next time, ciao for now.. and thanks again for reading about Bradford through this wonderful blog I call, “Bradford Cares”.


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