Innovation is refreshing!

I had a little chuckle when I read today’s business headlines to read that a major manufacturer has made national headlines by adding an additional 75 new jobs due to an expansion of their operations. I’m not laughing at the company by any means. I think that job creation for the Province of Ontario, in an era of shrinking manufacturing is no laughing matter. The company has taken what I call a bold approach in assuming that their product will do well. Frankly, it’s an approach I wish local businesses would take to help grow Bradford’s job base. That’s why I chucked, even only if for a spilt second. I wished that those jobs would have been created in our town instead of our friendly neighbours to the south.

To that point about job creation, the company who created the jobs cited “innovation” as the key motive. They probably had a business plan, and as a result now are executing against it. Still, whatever process they followed, it’s refreshing to see companies using the word “innovation” instead of other lovely terms like “downsizing”, “rightsizing” and “readjusting”, “realigning” etc the word list can go on forever.

Can the word “innovation” be used to describe a local business who is about to expand?


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