Child Care lacking substance

I never thought finding quality child care in town would be so difficult. Being part of a growing town like ours, I knew when I moved here that finding services would be challenging. For example, before our recreation Centre opened, I traveled all the way to Newmarket to swim, find medical services, and even shop. Well, finding quality child care is not something that I wish not to travel too far out of town to acquire.
Child care centers from what I can tell us in short supply. The ones that exist are good facilities. We are still missing a Montessori school which I knew was about to be opened in the old post office but never materialized. I think that the young families moving in town will be frustrated because when they move in to their lovely home, the parents will realize quick that some of the basics still don’t exist. Child care is not a want, it is a need and should be plentiful and abundant.
The councillors and Mayor have done a lot for us, but their job is not done by any means. Perhaps a town run day care would make a good election platform?


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