Does your business have a disaster recovery plan?

I found a neat and interesting article from the Globe and Mail about a flower business, and its ability to bounce back from the brink of almost losing his business due to a fire that occurred on his property. The fire basically destroyed his flower stock which he intended on selling to his customers. The article talks about a couple of creative ideas to get the business operational again, including an IT decision to set up a communications network quickly so calls could be taken within the same day.

My blog post is a comment about disaster recovery in relation to the article. The article articulates the business owner getting going again very quickly after a devastating fire. But was a disaster recovery plan really developed? I think that it would pay dividends to plan if a disaster were to occur for any business, and what to actually do it does occur. The business owner as referenced was sharp and managed to operate, but wouldn’t he benefit as well as business in general if a disaster recovery plan would be in place? How many of you who own business have a disaster recovery plan for your business?


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