I’m a Doug White Fan.. here’s why!

I have to openly admit that I am a Doug White fan as mayor of the Town of Bradford. Why? Because he’s thinking ahead for the future, a vision that most mayors seem to be lacking, especially these days. Just this week, his latest venture has become a reality. And just in time for municipal elections in November. A new health centre (dubbed the “Family Health Centre”) opened its doors in town which previously used the old library building as the new location. Why is this brilliant? Well, here’s why in a nutshell:

1. The town used the vacant building to lure medical professionals Bradford so desperately needs;

2. The town managed to get Southlake Regional Health Centre as a participant in the project, a huge win for the town;

And a last point that I would like to expand upon further. This is for all you enterprising businesses as well to understand and perhaps exploit. The town’s offering of the building to house the medical centre has essentially allowed the spawning of a medical corridor, i.e. a new industry to establish itself in Bradford. What do I mean exactly? All you have to do is take a drive along Davis Drive where the main hospital (Southglake) is located. Around the hospital, you will find related medical services not managed or owned by the hospital that offers supporting services. What are those supporting services exactly? It’s the blood clinics, the chiropractors, the vein clinics – you name it – and it’s all there for you to see. The only drawback I see is that buildings aren’t so easy to come by on the street the medical centre location.

What do you think about the town’s new health centre?



  1. The new medical centre has not attracted new doctors! I know that is the goal but for now all that’s happened is, 3 bradford doctors(who are swamped with patients) have a new office building. As far as a medical corridor goes….you said it yourself….in what buildings on that little court? Unless, medical businesses would be interested in taking over/purchasing all the abandoned buildings left behind from the exodus to the west end of Bradford. Now that would be an added benefit! I guess we all see things differently. I also look at this latest Mayor White action with the upcoming municipal election in mind. However, I am not a fan like you. I just do not see where this man truly has the towns citizens interests first and foremost on his agenda.
    I’m hoping to see some contenders throw their hat in the ring before October.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Even though we differ in opinion, I appreciate what you had to say. That’s what makes things interesting. Agree with your point there should be a challenger for the job.. Who knows , perhaps there is someone waiting in the wings that would be a better fit for the role?

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