Hello Everyone

It’s been a long time since I addressed you all by way of a blog post. The past few months have been tough. I started a new job, which was hectic. I was stressed out because of the learning curve and the new environment. And I had a course to complete my MBA, which was time intensive and exhausting at the same time. Oh did I mention I have a family too? 🙂 The blog has taken a back seat

to all the activities I mentioned.
Speaking about the blog, I am thinking of a complete revamp. What I mean is to switch my energies about writing not only about town issues, but about other things going on in my life. I say this because there is a lot of coverage of town issues in local newspapers and Facebook newsgroups. I knew these methods of communication existed, but there is some duplication. If you have any feedback, please let me know.



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  1. I completely understand how a blog can take a back seat. Mine did as well. thank you for being so transparent and honest. I look forward to reading mire of your posts. I think that not writing about Bradford would be a mistake. You are unique in your writing. How about a blog on Bradford life…including yours. That would cover everything from a restaurant review to sports, family fun even family life (sometimes a little trying) Essentially your take Carlos.
    I appreciate you.

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