Additional Commentary about Kicking Walmart out of Bradford

The post about kicking Walmart out of Bradford had by far the most viewings I have ever seen on my blog ever. With over 300 individuals, and over 400 views on my blog, it’s by far the most successful post I have ever written about.

Many people have focused, or shall I say narrowed in on the idea that I actually wanted to kick Walmart of town. That was not my intent with regards to the post at all. The intent was that in order for a business to have time to strive, it needs safety – basically no competition until it gets strong enough to enter into other markets and dominate. The chances of this happening are, shall I say, slim to none. We have implemented NAFTA, which would get a challenge from the United States for not allowing competition in Canada. We don’t want to piss of the Americans.

The intent of the post was also to clarify that Bradford also has many business opportunities that one can exploit. What I mean by exploit, I mean offering it to consumers, by offering value, and in turn the business earning a profit. There are many opportunities for additional businesses to enter into the mix and make money, provided you have the right strategy.

I’d also like to add that Walmart does employ people in town, no doubt. They however, employ as few people as possible. For example, have you ever had a question on a product? Try asking a Walmart employee about product advice. Chances are, they are nowhere to be found, and even if you did find an associate, they likely would not know anything about the product to help. My point here is, they do provide employment. But they extract profits out of our community, and off to the United States they go. Wonderful. Eh? But when you buy local, you are giving money back to the community to your neighbour, your friends, etc.. get the point?


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