Let’s kick Walmart out of Bradford

You read the title of this post, and I really mean what I wrote about kicking Walmart out of Bradford!

Now, let me provide you with some background and contest to why. First of all, am I really going to be able to kick Walmart out of town? Little me? Hell no! And I do admit we shop there quite frequently to meet our family needs. I find it actually quite convenient to shop there because the selection is good, and the prices are low.

Here’s why in theory we should kick Walmart out of town. I’d like to reference an example on how the Japanese automobile industry gained a foothold internationally including here in Canada. Toyota is now a top car manufacturer in the world. Many of you reading this article may actually drive a Toyota. I don’t personally. Toyota created an international brand by first succeeding in Japan after the Second World War. How did they do this against American car companies that dominated the world markets (including Canada, by the way!) They erected barriers to not allow international competitors at first. What I mean by barriers is, they lobbed the national government to block the same of foreign cars in their country. I won’t get into how they did this, because honestly it’s just too technical for the average reader. What did this provide to Toyota? It provided a home market where they could become better at building their automobiles without competition. They focused on improving their products, and worked very hard at lowering their costs. We need to provide the local businesses a chance to succeed without a huge corporate giant breathing down the neck of the small mom and pop shops on Holland Street!

Let’s give the small shops who want to grow a chance to improve their craft without a corporate giant around! What would this do? Before you think folks will drive down to Newmarket again, the savvy business person will have the time and competitive space to open a similar store to locals. It would allow the business person time to create cost efficiencies and lower their product. In other words, it would allow someone local to solidify their business before venturing out to other locations around the province.

Think about it another way. If Walmart opened near, let’s say a Sears store for arguments sake in it’s infancy, do you think it would have survived? NO!


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  1. If only! … in general terms I think communities would be better off if they could disengage from the oppressive effects of globalism, & multinational corporations in favour of more local autonomy. In the meantime, pause to consider if you really need all that consumer “stuff” from Big Box Corp.

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