Connecting the dots, by thinking creatively

One of my biggest sources of MBA information is located within the pages, or should I say, in the new age, the Globe and Mail internet web site. The articles I find frequently places into perspective the learnings I have read in the countless textbooks and articles I must endure reading week after week.

An article I read speaks to the fact that innovation comes from being able to think creatively. The truth is that many employers don’t want or need their employees to think creatively at all. They hire for a specific set of skills, and expect their staff to execute the same processes and methods month after month. Most MBA textbooks mention the term “innovation” as a means to make their company different than their competitor. Yet, you would hardly see for example an accountant that is creative.

The same methods and processes are followed to ensure the financial quarter or yearend is completed on time. An accountant is not likely to be creative. There is a method to their madness. It’s called Generally Accepted Principles and Practices (GAPP).

The article goes on to state that a GMAT tests for quantitative, and qualitative aspects before an MBA student is accepted. Never has their existed a test to take account of a person’s creative skills. Do schools really make an effort to teach creativity? Do employers value creativity?

Yet most companies have a founder or CEO who has been able to connect the dots. Just like we did as children. Folks, in terms of business ideas, sometimes being able to connect the dots make a difference between a successful or unsuccessful business.

The Globe and Mail described how Zappos was created by connecting the dots. When you connect “cheap”, “shoes” and “social media”.. you arrive at Zappos! Guess the next connect the dot company is folks! What do you get when you connect “looking for friends”, “sharing” and social media”? Respond to this message with your answers!


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