Business Strategy game

As part of my Strategy course, I get to be acting in real life manager role in making decisions for an athletic footwear company called Amazing Footwear Company.
The game features decisions to maximize typical business objectives which includes increasing profits, return on equity, and image, to name a few examples. It’s taught to students as part of their capstone course at the MBA level across North America.
The game features a series of screens of data that at first looks very intimidating. But I quickly decided to go over the screens over and over again to become more familiar with the information.
Our team has to figure out our strategy , what markets we enter into, how the products are to be manufactured, and so on.
I hope to share with you all some interesting observations about my journey in learning more about operating a company. I look forward to working with my fellow managers in making our business number one in our industry!
Do any of you have experience with the BSG at all?



  1. I enjoyed reading your Business Strategy Game blog posts. I’ve played the BSG-Online quite a bit. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know! My whole blog is dedicated to it . It can be very challenging and if your team starts off on a bad foot… it is even more painful.

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