Local Contractor leaves family out in the cold

I’m a huge supporter of small business in this community. I shop regularly at the Farmer’s Market, buy local food, and even have raved about my positive experience at a local take out chicken outlet. I try to buy local wherever possible, and always give within my means. We are originally from Toronto, and have embraced this community with open arms, and to be honest, have been welcomed ever since we moved here about eleven years ago.

Since then, my brother and sister in law have moved to town recently, and absolutely love living here. They too have adopted a buy local attitude. They regularly shop in the down town core, and are regulars at the bakery. They spend much of their hard earned dollars earned outside town, right here in town. If only others could follow suit, we would have a much more vibrant local economy that as a result, would be a boon for local businesses.

Unfortunately, a recent experience with a local contractor, has left a sour taste in their mouths and frankly in mine as well. An experience with dealing with a local contractor have not been so positive. So here’s the story as to why they are so dissatisfied. Earlier this year, they decided to complete outdoor work on their property, of which neighbours expressed an interest to have similar work completed. To make things easier, they coordinated with all the neighbours who were interested and decided to hire a local contractor to complete all work with the hopes of obtaining a higher standard of work. A local contractor was chosen because he appeared to be friendly, and offered good value. It turns out the value wasn’t really valued at all.

The contractor finished the job, and collected the money from all the home owners. To my brother in law’s dismay, the finished work product soon after started falling apart. The professional workmanship was completely lacking. Screws were not added to many of the boards installed. He’s worried that family with little children visiting will hurt themselves because the fence panels become easily loosened with just a slight touch.

Here’s where I fully support my brother in law… he called the contractor in question, and to this day the repairs have not been completed. The contractor repeatedly says “it’s not in my contract”. Meaning, I put together a faulty product, and now it’s your problem! As a contractor, would you not want to fix a problem that is reasonable to repair? Would you not be embarrassed that your name is on a project that produced shotty work? I know I am a professional in my field, and I can tell you, I would not want my name on work that was atrocious!

To top it all off, the contractor still has signs posted around town offering quotations on fences. I wouldn’t trust this contractor at all! If I were you, I wouldn’t either! Do yourself a favour and stay away!

I have a huge issue with my brother in law’s experience with a local contractor, and it’s not in a positive light. This contractor has ruined the reputation of all contractors in our community. I can’t believe anyone could do this especially from someone local!

Like my brother and sister in law, most of the people moving here are from somewhere else. They bring with them hard earned dollars that they most certainly want to spend on local contractors, and other businesses. What this contractor did to my brother in law is not acceptable! I think this is a huge black eye for local contractors, and businesses in general in town. Because of their experience, I highly doubt they will ever trust a local contractor for any future work. Can you blame them?

My question to all of you is, what can we do about it? Do these hard working people have any recourse whatsoever?



  1. My father is a concrete guy. Anything brick, block, stone, concrete, etc. is his ‘art’. He looses money constantly because his standards are so high. He cares more about his name and reputation than he does money. HE gives contractors everywhere a good name, and not all deserve. I feel assaulted by what this guy has done. He gave contractors everywhere a bad name. I’d love to know who it was!

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