Bradford needs a Christmas Holiday Tree

My blog post today is about copying what the folks in the city have done for many years. This time of year marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The cold sets in, the frost is in full effect, and the stores are already promoting Christmas in an effort to boost sales.

Toronto has even selected and placed a tree at Nathan Phillips Square just in time to start off the holiday season. The tree is a 57 foot tall White Spruce placed in the centre of the grounds. A crane, according to the Toronto Star, placed the tree which was sourced from Bancroft, Ontario.

I always wondered why we don’t have a Christmas tree on the Town grounds. Is it because we don’t have a true city hall? The downtown area as far as I am concerned

makes a huge effort to make our main street look festive. It’s about time the town spread the festive goodwill and put up a tree as well.

Does having a tree in a public space appeal to you as a town resident?


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