How to be a good neighbour

Do you have good neighbours or not so good neighbours? That is the question of this blog post. I have to say, my neighbours are good people. They are quiet, keep to themselves but if we have any issue they are there to help us. I’ve never had an argument with them since we moved in over seven years ago. One of the first things I said to one of my neighbours was that we planned to live in our home for a very long time. So far, we have kept our promise.

Being a good neighbour should be recognized. It’s like informal volunteering in my opinion. If I were to get called upon to help, I would, even if it is in a small way. Good neighbours create a web of care. That’s why I am writing this post. I seek to extend the web of care to all of you reading this blog post right now!

In being a good neighbour, I have come up with the following seven suggestions to help you become a better neighbour! Have a look!

1. Say hello – If someone is new on your street, why not take the time to introduce yourself? If you notice a person speaking a foreign language you understand, say hello in their language!

2. Consider their lifestyle – Are they quiet people or like to party? Do they have children? Do they work long shifts? All these factors all have to be considered in how they wish to engage or not engage with you!

3. Keep your dogs on a leash! – Some neighbours love dogs, and some are afraid of them. Respect your neighbours by keeping your dog on a leach!

4. Maintain your property – Mow your lawn, keep your gardens weed free and don’t litter!

5. Don’t leave garbage at the end of your driveway for days – Put your garbage out on the evening before or the day of collection services. No one wants to look at your garbage for days!

6. Beware of your property, as well as theirs – Keep an eye on anyone who just doesn’t seem to belong on your property, as well as your neighbours. If you suspect bad behaviour, call the police. This will help deter any criminal activity in your neighbourhood.

7. Offer a helping hand – If you for example have a snow blower and your neighbour doesn’t, why not spend a few minutes clearing snow from their walkway and/or driveway?

Hope this list provides you with some help with your neighbours. You never know, you may need their help one day, too…

Do you have any other suggestions on how to be a good neighbour?


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