Bradford welcomes transit on residential streets

Bradford is about to become more urban. The town has awarded a tender for the payment of 77 concrete pads in preparation of a new transit service commencing
in March or April of next year. The work is being completed this year before the service starts next year because the weather for paving is advantageous to do so at this time.

The issue at hand here is that the bus stops are not just being built on major roads like 6th line, Disette, and Barrie street. Many bus stops will be on residential roads. Residents affected are those that live West Park Avenue, Summerlyn Trail, Blue Dasher Blvd., Northgate, Noble Drive and Britannia (from Jay St. to Barrie). The local newspaper article focused on the cost of the pads. My concern is that if residents are aware they will now have bus stops and transit services on their streets.

Is this good or bad? When I think of suburbs, I don’t usually think of buses on residential streets. What do you think? Have your say here!



  1. What about the east end of town? Everything has moved to the west end and the busses are needed for the people over in the east end to get to the west end amenities like the library and Walmart affordably.

  2. This is bad, we hate that the bus stop will be in front of our house! We didn’t purchase our house to have buses run through our roads espeically at our front door, otherwise we would have moved to the city!! Council was underhanded to pass the approval of bus pads without notifying the residents that will have it outside their doors!! We called and they said it’s too late to discuss, it’s a done deal. With that being said, we’ll be moving soon.

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