Un-schedule yourself!

Recently, I wrote about the art of waiting. Waiting, as previously mentioned, is an art. So is the art of doing nothing. Your likely alarmed about my wording. You read correctly, I really meant for you to read those words! So here is what I really mean. The long weekend is upon us. It’s the last long weekend of our summer. You may have taken a vacation, or may not have. September means the commencement of children heading back to class. And likely you have been franticly shopping for clothing, and school supplies. You’ve read through all the back to school fliers and have circled all the items you wish to purchase. You have comparison shopped. Don’t tell me you haven’t because you have… lol .

Assuming that all has been prepared for them, why not take some time to unwind? Your schedule will definitely pick up next week. Why not unwind, before the busy body in you gets the better of you?

I find today’s world always seems to be about scheduling. Every time someone asks my wife and I what we are up to on a particular day, we immediately respond that we have to check our calendar and we will get back to the person with an appropriate date and time. But why does it have to be that way? I don’t recall my parents having to check their calendar before giving the nod for others to visit, so why should we?

My point is that life has become over scheduled with often un-meaningful events. Use the extra day available to all of us on Monday to not schedule anything at all. See what happens. You may find yourself with extra time where you pick up a book you never had time to read. Or you could end up going to a local park and having some fun play time with your children.

Unfortunately, my idea about the art of doing nothing has already been written about in books. There goes my multi-million dollar money making opportunity!! “The Art of Doing Nothing” tries to tell us busy people that we need to make time for ourselves. We are overachievers and always have to live in the fast lane. Why is that? Doing nothing, the book description says is a sense of “being”.

And another thing. Ancient wisdom written several thousand years ago in holy scriptures says we should rest on the seventh day. On this day, god ceased to perform any creative work. This means doing nothing!! Zero. Nada. Unschedule yourself!

Is my comment about the art of doing nothing is not so outrageous after all?


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