Important Safety Tips for children

The school year has started and more children are now on our streets, along with that, biking, walking, and getting on a bus to go to school. For drivers, this of course means keeping your eyes on the road especially while in school zones to ensure all children are safe and sound. Parents of school aged children should also understand the rules of the road!

Special tip #1 Drivers need to be aware of the following while driving vehicles:

  1. Pay special attention to school zone signs.
  2. Make sure you obey posted speed limits.
  3. Drive carefully into school parking lots – they contain excited children especially the first few days of school!
  4. Be on the look-out for crossing guards

Special tip #2 to pass along to your children:

  1. Always use sidewalks
  2. Never cross the street except at intersections!
  3. Never give your name to strangers!
  4. Never accept rides from strangers!
  5. If biking to school, ensure your children appropriate protection (helmets, etc)

Special tip #3 When using a cross walk, children must:

  1. Watch for vehicles to come to a complete stop before crossing the road
  2. Walk calmly across the roadway.
  3. Look in all directions before crossing the roadway.
  4. Walk with a friend or parents, if at all possible
  5. If there is a pedestrian button, press the button and wait for the pedestrian sign before proceeding
  6. Watch for vehicles that are turning that may impact the cross walk.

I hope these tips lead to a happy, safe year for our local children!

Do you have any tips you would like to pass along?


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