Post on Syria captures international attention

Since our initial post in regards to Syria, our views have increased dramatically. The international community has been interested in what the Canadian response should be in support of the United States possibly using military intervention in that region of the world.

I have been scanning the Canadian newspapers, and have not seen any additional stories about what Canada would do. We have been reading about the case U.S President is making in support of the crises and how he plans to put the vote to his congress, even though he has the power to put forward a strike.

Here in the community, parents are sending their children off to their first day at school. However, in Syria, it has been reported that over 2 million refugees have left the country. At a time children should be attending school to learn, the Syrian children are caught in a war amongst it’s peoples. I’m not sure what western military action will do to help the people of that country, and help them return to normality.

Bradford is just another small, boring Ontario town. However, I would rather live in a small, boring town than having to be subjected to chemical weapons like Sarin!


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