Tori Hathaway, Barrie music sensation heading out west

Tori Hathaway-3

As much as I like to promote local business, I also am an advocate of great local talent. Tori Hathaway is an up and coming artist with great music to share with the world.

 Tori hails from Barrie, but might as well be one of Bradford’s own! Tori is on her way to Edmonton, Alberta to sing at the Country Music Association’s country music week celebration. The grade 8 student recently released her first professional CD just recently. She will be singing at the “Diamonds in the Rough” showcase as part of the music festivities alongside many Canadian musicians.

 “There are radio stations playing my songs in Mississauga, Nashville and seven new ones in the US that put me in rotation just this week”,  said Hathaway, “and two of my songs are charting in Nashville this week”, says the teen enthusiastically.  “Next week I’ll also be included in the US Armed Forces radio broadcasts”, Tori states in her press release.

 According to her web site, Tori has penned over 100 songs to date, and has over 200 live performances since 2010. I think Tori’s music is fantastic. Why don’t you be the judge? Visit her website at or find her recent release in iTunes worldwide


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