A great place to live..


I’ve thought about this topic for a while now, and have decided to post to this blog to get some feedback. I often think about communities and why most people decide to live where they do. I have mentioned in my previous posts that we initially moved here because the housing was affordable at the time.  Housing, according to Money Sense magazine, means that the lower the pricing of houses, the better. Makes logical sense to me!

Other factors that make a community great are the following:

  1. Crime rate – the lower violent crimes the better, of course! Meaning, you ideally want a lower ratio of so called bad crimes.
  2. Income Taxes – the lower the taxes, the better!
  3. Population growth – 7.9% is the ideal population growth rate. Bradford actually grew by much more, over 13% from 2006 to 2011.
  4. New cars on the road – The percentage of cars on the road means more economic affluence.
  5. Walking and biking – Higher percentages of those walking and biking is better for the community, and reduces pollution.
  6. Culture – Higher rates of people working in culture is better.
  7. Income – Higher incomes is better for the community of course! For spending to occur, you need people with high discretionary incomes.  Bradford average income is about three thousand above the provincial average, although not that much higher.
  8. Health – More doctors per capita is better. The higher the ratio of doctors to people, the better.

What factors are important to you?


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  1. School Ratings are very important and the different types of education available (i. e. – Montessori / French immersion / public / catholic / private / etc…) and their ratings in the province. The level of education often will change the minds if parents to stay or leave a community for the future of their children!

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