The art of waiting


Very recently, I decided I needed my own space in the house after countless hours using my kitchen and dining room table for my studies. So Linda (my wife) and I decided to dedicate one of our four bedrooms to become a home office. Originally, I was thinking we should just get a plain desk and put it in the office and.. viola my office was complete and ready to use. Your likely thinking right now that my logic wasn’t correct, especially when letting in my spouse on my home office plans.

We recently met some really great new friends in town that made us feel that we have been friends all our lives. Silvia and her hubby Howard, are a lovely couple that live close by. Silvia has really changed Linda’s perspective on design.  Silvia’s a modern thinker, likes new and fresh ideas, and Linda has definitely changed. My wife has changed from a traditional thinker into a modern decorator, all due to our new friend. Silvia, the truth is that I have been waiting for you for a long time. You’ve changed Linda almost overnight to the modern thinker I have always wanted my wife to be. Silvia, I have waited years for someone like you to change Linda’s perspective on design and decorating!



Like with my wife Linda changing her perspective after many years, all good things in life are worth waiting for! Love is also worth waiting for.  Once you find the love of your life, your wait will have been worth all the time and effort.  The truth is all good things are worth waiting for. And if there was an award for waiting, I would be the one who goes up to the stage to get to claim my prize!

Waiting to me, has really been turning a science into an art. Your probably wondering what I mean about this.. the truth is I just thought about this concept as I am writing this blog post for all of you to enjoy. What I mean by science, is to forget counting the days, hours and minutes for waiting for something to actually happen. Thinking in this manner can cause a lot of stress, and frankly unneeded pain and suffering. Instead, think of waiting as an art form. Go with the flow, and be at ease! Waiting does not have to be painful at all. Because once the wait is over, you’ll know all the time you waited will have been easily worth it!

Society has I think become all about instant gratification. We all of a sudden need something, and the next thing you know, the item you wanted is in your shopping basket at the local mall. You didn’t wait at all for it, and the next thing you know, it’s been tossed aside. Unloved and certainly not treasured. What have we done to ourselves? It seems to be the art of waiting has been lost forever.. what a shame!


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