How to let go by Silvia Farche

Endings are a large part of life. They are natural, at times painful, there may be times when there is a huge sense of relief but for the most part, you are left with a sudden sinking void that wasn’t there. We confuse this feeling for desperation.

Are you open to life’s spontaneous moments? Are you willing to perhaps close doors and possibly open a few windows? Burying feelings and discarding failed efforts are what feel so devastating when we close a door. To forget and forgive is not difficult when it is properly understood. Take the time to reflect on what feels excessive and heavy in your heart and soul.
Standing still can sometimes bring forth the solid learning that leads you to move forward and let go what has been holding you back.

In your moment of choices, try and always choose the path that leads to wisdom. There is no purpose to dwell on the “What if’s” if you are truly searching for peace. Peace is knowing the difference between confusion and the truth. “If left undisciplined, the mind will wander”. Just remember to be truthful in your gut, act in good faith because deeds done in confusion cause regret. Let go of all the turmoil and allow your truths to make the choices for you.




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