Carrotfest needs a Kangaroo!

I was enjoying a leasure walk outside my office building this morning, still half asleep as it was still relativity early. There was a slight wind, cutting the heat just enough for office staff and children alike could play outside without being in too much discomfort.
All of a sudden, I immediately woke up from my half sleep to see an odd looking furry animal with patchy fur. I asked myself, “what is that thing, and will it attack me?”.
Pleasantly surprised, it was a kangaroo! A kangaroo? I never ever have seen a kangaroo in person and up close. Soon, the kangaroo was the star of the show. A CBC event was appealing to kids by showing off animals, games, and free refreshments. The kangaroo attracted huge crowds! Most were children who wanted to see it do tricks and learn about the animal in general. 


Our town needs a kangaroo. The most logical place would be at our annual Carrotfest community event. Unstead of having wrestlers on the main platform as done almost yearly (and by the way is not appealing to me at all) instead show off a kangaroo and other wild animals in its place?
By the way, why not add a Zebra as well? If something as wrestling can dominate a stage, why can’t these animals? In my.opinion, it would make Carrotfest more family friendly, and attract more children instead.


Should wild animals be on centre stage at Carrotfest?


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