Chinese food night!

It’s Sunday night and we did not want to cook. During the afternoon, I was mowing my front lawn and came into our air conditioned home drenched in sweat. My wife came up with a brilliant idea! She said to get Chinese food from a local take out restaurant called Great Wall of China. We ordered General Tao chicken with rice and two egg rolls. My wife placed the order, and I drove to pick up our food.


Here is the bag on my kitchen table. Even though I was hungry, I decided to take a picture for your enjoyment.


I quickly opened the bag and the carton with the General Chicken steaming hot! It was looking very good, indeed!


I decided to have a coke, just because. Maybe because I needed a sugar rush ?


I opened the container of rice and was plesantly surprised that it was also steaming hot!


Finally, I mixed the rice and chicken, and started enjoying my evening meal with my wife. We ended up sharing just one dinner meal, with no left overs.  I am not a fan of left overs so sharing worked out prefectly for us!

What kind of take out do you enjoy eating when you don’t feel like cooking?



  1. My daughter is away at camp and my son away at a summer job – no fun just cooking for the two of us – tonight we chose Coffee Culture for a quick bite and a healthy choice of food items – for the same money, no grease and a little bit more like home cooking, Coffee Culture sure beats McDonad’s hands down. I had a Cheese bun BLT with potato and leek soup and my husband had their classic club with a side Caesar – fresh and colourful and healthier for you – I recommend the Coffee Culture any time – it really has a great atmosphere and there is so much to choose from – any time of the day:)

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