Lemar’s pizza – a Family Bradford Tradition since 1996!

Lemar's Pizza

This is a picture of the storefront – a small pizzeria for mostly takeout purposes.

Lemar’s pizza is I think in my opinion the best pizza place in town, par none!  I have tried most places in town, but not all of them.
I defer ordering from other places because Lemar’s consistency delivers us a pizza others can’t rival. Last night, we craved pizza and we did not hesitate who to order from.  We ordered a large pizza with bacon, mushrooms, and green peppers and asked for the pizza to be well done. What I especially like about ordering from this place is the ability to pay by debt card – something I like to do since I don’t like paying by credit card and would prefer to avoid using it all together when ordering food.

Lemar’s as per their web site describes themselves as “Welcome to Bradford’s little kept secret. We’ve been serving pizza at this location since 1996.   Our homemade sauce, always fresh ingredients and fresh dough, that is our specialty.   Come in and taste the difference!!”

Unfortunately, the Lemar’s pizza web site,  www.lemarspizza.com, left a lot to be desired. Namely, it was last updated in October, 2011 and looks incredibly amateurish!  And although yelp had a listing for this business, there are no reviews. Lemar’s has no social presence whatsoever, not a facebook page, or a high quality web site. Lemar’s gets a big zero in the social media game. Yet other businesses are huge into social media locally. I’m guessing my blog post will be just about the best social media advertising to occur in ages or if not ever!

But the pizza speaks for itself, literally. It’s so good, so tasty and reasonable in terms of pricing!

Lemar’s is located on 95 Holland St West in Bradford, Ontario. They can be contacted at call (905) 775-2222 to order today!

This pizza is just an example of the wonderful pizza’s lemar’s makes on a daily basis. 🙂

Here’s a picture I found on the web of an actual delivery of Lemar’s pizza, doesn’t the pizza look totally delishous?

Thin crust with Pepperoni, mushroom and bacon


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