My favourite restaurant isn’t in town!

Well, my favourite restaurant isn’t in town. It’s in Toronto. But I decided to write about this particular restaurant because it is very unique. It’s a Hakka Chinese Indian style cusine, and the food is delicious.  I have been a customer for about fifteen years. I even introduced my wife to the food and its become a family favourite. The restaurant is called China Cottage and is a real gem, and really inexpensive.  A full dinner for two is well under thirty dollars. Great food at great prices. How can we not have this kind of restaurant in Bradford?

I have pictures of lunch.  Have a look and let me know what you think of these unique dishes!


When we arrived at this restaurant, we were presented with the following menu..


This dish is very tasty. Its chill chicken and is mouth watering, and very savory!


The dish is not complete without adding some hot sauce! Be careful not to add to much or you will pay dearly later. Lol


My wife had the cashew nut chicken dish. Very tasty. I tried her food and it was a crunchy sweet taste.

Have a look at the China Cottage web site for more information. Do you support a China Cottage opening here in town?


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