Canada Day cuisine

So I am a little late. Monday was Canada day and I wanted to post a typical Canada Day meal. But a food friend came to visit, and I took him to where the dyke break was in town and I decided to take pictures, and post them right away.

Today’s blog post is a typical Canadian summer day meal. This meal, although tasty, I would never serve to my family. Why? Because they are traditional Italian people who prefer a hearty pasta, red tomato sauce,and  a second dish which consists of beef or chicken.
The meal then finishes with a salad, assorted fruits, and a shot of expresso.  Our Canada Day meal had almost none of what I just described. We went one hundred percent Canadian, eh? 🙂

Rather than babble on, please see the photos I took!

The naughty hamburger so tasty when cooked on a barbecue. 


Humhus which is middle eastern, now part of Canadian cuisine!


Corn, steamed. 


Cheese, provolone to be exact. 


Last, but not least, locally grown salad ingredients from the local farmers.


What did your Canada Day meal consist of?


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