How advertising is used to convert web site visitors

Briefly, here are five tips you can apply to your advertising to convert readers of your ads to fully paid customers, and if they love your product, repeat customers.

1. Get the customer to try your product. Encourage the sampling of your product by offering them an incentive to try your offerings. Think about a free trail, for example.

2. Ask for customer information such as their email so you can send them updates about your latest offerings.  This will keep your customer engaged.

3. Have a great web site.  Who wants to visit a web site no one can use or access? Don’t forget, usability is important as well.

4. Sell to your customer, pronto! Convert your visitors to fully paid customers.

5. Market to your users to try and convert them into brand loyal repeat customers.

Small town businesses can use the web site conversion steps I have outlined in addition to traditional forms of marketing like direct mail, and word of mouth.

Have you tried to persuade your customers to purchase online ?


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