Three tips for successful small business digital marketing

Here are 3 simple tips you should know how digital marketing can affect how you advertise your business:

  1.    Website Penetration & Visitors – Website penetration simply means how large your reach is. Things to consider is where your target market is and how are you reaching them online? This means in marketing terms, how attractive are you to this target market. The more attractive you are to your customers, the more customers you will have visiting your website. Once you attract your visitors, you must figure out a way to convert your visitors! You are really in these two areas helping the customers form an idea and quickly trying to establish a relationship at the same time.

     2.   Internet is a Pull Medium – The internet is not like a television where the information is being pushed out to the customer. Instead, on the internet, the customer is pulling the information and consuming it in the way they desire.

    3.  Internet is a source of Information – Most people on the internet are looking for information. Why do you think Google is so popular?

 So you may say from this, so what?  It’s all about how you interpret what this means for your small business…

 What this all means is this… in simple terms:

 You need to find a way to attract visitors to your web site. Fast. If they don’t know you exist, how on earth do you think they will ever call you??

  1. The internet is where people online select what they want to see.. Make your business attractive so they select your business!
  2. Don’t waste your time with fancy graphics; your customers want information and how to get it. In other words, give them a call to action by providing them information they want and need!

 Can you describe examples of how you have used these approaches in your business?


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