Are you giving your customers a chance to buy your product?


I read up all about what in social media are calling the ultimate response ..a response that converts a user who is browsing your website to actually purchase something. This terminology is what marketers refer to as a “call to action”. A call to action is the art of getting the person that is in your target market to buy your product. Imagine that, making money from the internet! Yet when I talk to people about this concept, they look at me as if I am a mad man. I hope you as the reader knows by now what online retailing is all about, and maybe purchased a product or two.
The fact is that I see the call to action as more then selling. It’s all about the steps for small businesess to build relationships with your customer. The call to action means you want them to engage you, the business!
So, how do you do this exactly? You simply ask your customer to buy the product! And how you do that is by setting up ways where there is really good usability on your site. Then you enable the customer to have the ability to purchase quickly and efficiently.
This is not rocket science folks…. It’s just another way you as a businesses to promote your product and give your customer a chance to buy!


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