Is social media advertising acceptable?

In a recent post on the Bradford Social Networking Association Facebook group, a question was raised by a member of the group. The question was about if businesses advertising their businesses in the group it being spam.
Spam you say? Spam can mean different things to different people. I think advertising that shares experences with a product is not spam at all. I do believe that social media does have its limits. One business owner I talked to Yesterday (who incidently is installing a sprinkler system) says he has no need to advertise, his business is all based on word of mouth.
I think that social media, and advertising in general should at the start create awareness. From awareness, the seeds are planted in the persons mind and may consider them in the future.
An emarketing course I am undertaking at the moment speaks to stages in creating awareness to analyzing conversion techniques to the point of purchase.
Social media from a small town context I feel has value. Small businesses can use social media in an effort to tame the giant monsters .. Walmart for example. If Walmart can insert a flyer in a newspaper that actually forces you to recycle, why on earth can a small business not advertise on social media ?
What do you think ?



  1. Personally what I have learned about promoting my small business on Social Media, is that it is all about building a relationship, networking with people, letting people get to know me, then when I post about my business people support me because of who I am. We all have to compete with others in the same business, so I have to “sell” myself, not necessarily my product.

  2. I agree with you Carlos. There are so many big box stores to compete with I believe social media is a great way to get there name out there to establish a clientele. After awhile I’m sure word of mouth is all they would need

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