Company expands thanks to town!


Great story. I have to make this post short because I have a busy schedule. BTW, I really do appreciate you reading my blog, but I do have a life. 

So the story. Array Bradford has announced an expansion in Bradford. They are adding 55,000 square feet to their location. So, naturally I am thinking about if this will increase jobs, and if so.what kind?

I applaud the town for offering incentives for encouraging development. But what exactly are the citizens getting out of the deal? Is the story even news worthy?

Economic development needs to come from entrepreneurs who have great ideas who obtain capital to expand their businesses. In looking at this expansion, its not clear to be that as a result of what I just explained adding jobs or not.

Not trying to be critical, I am just suggesting that while the announcement is positive, I don’t see the overt value it adds.

Will this company pay increased property taxes so the residents pay less? link to article


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