Four ways to make the online experience fun for your customers!


This blog post is all about how to create an online brand for your small business to please your customer. Think you can’t compete with the big box stores? Think again.

I’m going to give you four ways on how you can measure and build your online equity:

  1. Creating your Online brand experience – Three years ago, Facebook was seen as a tool kids would play with. Adults thought it was a waste of time. If that is the case, why is everyone flocking to Facebook and other social media to get noticed by their customers? That’s because you need to go where your customers are!!
  2. Interactivity – How do people interact with your business in a digital world? If you aren’t in the online marketing scene, how do you think you would accomplish this?
  3. Servicing your customer – Your customer is online. You also know by now your business needs to be online as well. The next question is how do you service your customer well on the internet? Well, I’ll tell you how. Suppose you are a small business operator of a takeout chicken independent restaurant. Your customer wants to order ten chickens, but you ideally need at least two hours notice. Why not create a web form online so that the request can be sent to you electronically? This saves you and them time!
  4. Analyse your web traffic – Servicing your customer is great, but in the end you want to make money. That’s great. How do you know who’s visiting you and from where? Your web site must incorporate web analytics so that you know where your customers are located, and how often they visit you.

Creating an online world is about making it easier for the customer to do business with you, while giving you the opportunity to make more profits. This is the end game. Help support your customers by offering them convenience, offering support, and a sense of belonging in the community.

Question to all of you – how do you add value to your customers in the online world?


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