The three dimensions of “place”

Social media marketing changes the traditional term referring to place, and changes this dimension in the digital world forever.

I’d like to describe to you how this has changed. The term “place” has been replaced with three logical areas of attention:

Theoretical aspects of the term “place”

1. Audience – You place of business has been replaced with your potential audience. Remember, in the online world there is no such thing as a traditional building where customers come and see you. In the digital world, your home on the web is where your audience can see you and reach you. Don’t believe me? Walk down any busy street and count the number of smartphones in people’s hands. Those people could be your customers!

2. Content – Once you have reached your audience, you need to persuade them to stay! You need content, all the time! Customers love to read stories about products and services that can help them. They want an online relationship. Your product can help them develop a relationship with your company.

3. Feeling of belonging – Regardless of being online or not, customers and even people in general need to feel they belong in a group. Create a linked in group or Facebook page to get customers in the right mindset so they feel they get along associate with your business.

Applying what you have learned

If you want to try to think about how to apply this practically, try creating a word document with the three areas I have outlined in bold. Beside each bolded item, write down who your audience is online. To help you, a question you could ask yourself is .. where do my customers come from and what would they typically buy from me? In regards to content, think about how you can keep them coming back to your online home for more information. Try and think about how you can collect information from the customer so you can customize the content of what you provide. In terms of a feeling of belonging, try and describe your products in as much detail as possible so your customers know what they are buying!

So there you have it in a nutshell. How would you describe “place” in your social media world? Are your customers on board?


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