Get and keep your customers!

As a business, I know all of you want to know how to obtain more customers. That’s just one side of the coin, from my perspective. Keeping them loyal is another matter completely. Therefore, I have written about the complete coin idea in regards to how you can get and keep customers all summarized for your reading enjoyment.

Getting customers

Market growth strategies is one method in attempting to obtain customers on the internet to notice your products and services, to help you to gain customers.

In terms of market growth, all this basically means without technical jargon is how to attract high quality, loyal customers who spend money on your offerings.
– Allow for the targeting of new areas or quite simply new markets. If you are local for example, why not aim for a more regional approach?
– Target new customer segments – for example, if you are a landscaper, why not snowplow in the winter as well?

Keeping your customers

But what happens when you have actually built a good solid customer base? I suggest that you use the Internet as a tool to improve your customer loyalty. Try and think of ideas that can add value to your other existing products, services, and the promotion of your brand. The Internet can also be used to decrease your costs also to serve the customer and increase purchase frequency. One method to accomplish this is to ask your customers for their email address and send them a newsletter!

How do you keep customers once they have purchased your product or service?


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  1. Great Blog Carlos, client retention is a big business in itself…Companies spend Thousands of dollars on keeping the clients…Our company keeps in touch with clients on a regular basis and one way to do that is by calling them personally on their birthday…People are shocked when we call and say Happy Birthday…It’s personal and they love it

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