Seek and find your opportunity!

Tangier mall in Innisfil has just announced a major expansion. Over 152,000 square feet will be added to the mall with more stores. In reading the local newspaper article about the expansion, the owner sees the Cookstown area as strategic. Cookstown is located just before Barrie and before the GTA and the Vaughan Mills shopping centre. In reading the mall owner’s remarks, I immediately thought this man understands our area. It took an American to tell us our area is strategic. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?
Personally, I think we need more visionaries like Tangier. Business people who see market opportunities that others cannot.
Why are we stuck in the weeds? Because I think we locals are conservative. We as a society don’t take risks, we take the safe road.
The other is the concept of economic development. Business people need assistance sometimes to get their ideas off the ground and need a business plan to obtain much needed capital. I will write a post on what is available in terms of assistance soon. Until then, I leave you with this thought – There are lots of opportunities, if there arent, you can make them!

Cookstown Article


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