Idea factory, apply here!

Tired.  Yes I am tired today. But glad to be home. I looked at my blog posts, And although unique, they seem to be missing something. A magical ingredient. Hey readers of my blog, what do you suggest I do to improve this blog?



  1. I struggle with the same thing – though time to write is my main issue. We are bombarded with so much “information” it is hard to make yourself unique and something that people want to stop and read before hitting delete. Personally I think you are doing a great job, I enjoy reading your blog, it is local and on topic. I would think that residents and local business’s in Bradford would be thrilled to read the information you offer.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.. I think I just am temporarily out of ideas. Hope it will pass soon. I really do try and stay on topic, because this blog is focused on the town and all the good things about it. I appreciate your comments. How do you keep going when your stuck in a rut?

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