Bradford Cares will start promoting small business


Bradford Cares will also start promoting local small businesses!  The purpose of these targeted blog posts will be to write about local business who wish to establish a presence in our town. Areas of focus will be to talk about their services on the blog, and also to build a web and social media experience for them as well.

Here’s what we aim to do:

  • To grow by helping to sell services people need
  • To serve – what I mean by that is to give people extra value and benefits online
  • To speak – to create a two way dialog through web interactions;
  • Help people save money – who wouldn’t like to save money along the way?
  • Promote the brand online – through new offerings, and building brand awareness through brand awareness and reach


A business simply cannot afford to not have a web presence. I also see many businesses who have a web site not even think about their end customers. A web site with little or no thought to the customer and what their needs are will get not get you very far.

But, I’m not here to give the farm away so to speak. However, I can tell you I am in negotiations with a small business who wishes to establish a presence in town. The business is established in Vaughan, Ontario and the owner is very much interested in expanding business contacts in town. I think I can help definitely. More news to come!!!

Since this is a blog after all, I have a question to ask. If you are a small business in town, how to you communicate to your customers?

If you wish to be promoted, please contact me by completing the following form:


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