Free to be you by Silva Farache

No two sunsets are the same, yet we recognize the beauty in a sunset even when seen for the first time.
The definition of beautiful has been so fragmented and distorted by how others perceive it and “Us”. We don’t trust ourselves enough to simply enjoy the reflection of our own mirrors. We somehow rely on the external for some reassurance of what we are “supposed to look like and feel like”
Much like the sunset analogy, we too must change. We as individuals never stay the same as we evolve.
Our self-image is fragile and extremely important to how we are perceived to in relation to the world around us.
Personally, I think the act of feeling genuinely good is something we are consciously practicing every day.
Affirmations are wonderful. Changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts are of most important for our health and soul.
Here is some sage advice I would like to pass along to all of you reading this blog post.The pathway to a beautiful, healthy and wonderful self-image starts in your head. Secret diets, gimmicks or tricks need not apply. These endeavors will never last a lifetime! There’s no such thing as a quick fix, but rather lifelong solutions that will change your life forever. The secret of having a beautiful self-image and body starts by regaining control over your thoughts and what you exude to the world.
When you live life beautifully, beautiful things start to happen. You somehow start to notice the “wonderfulness” of everyday.For example, the act of getting up in the morning, getting dresses and making your bed become wonderful routines that kick start your day. You feel happy, like you have already accomplished a goal for the day. You feel a smile in your heart. These feelings are only possible, I think when you are surround yourself with beauty. Small change in attitude, big reward.
What I mean by beauty is, is that it is vital to surround yourself with what feels really good inside your heart.
When I am working with a client, and I help them find clothing that feels right and fits them well, I notce they start to feel stronger and more confident. I think I am helping my clients establish what they believe in, as well as to promote their self worth.
Take for instance the case of the “Black dress that is too small”that may be hanging in your closet right now. Every time you go into your closet to get dressed you feel the negative energy from that black dress. Am I right??
That is precisely the time you need to make up your mind. Do I keep this dress that makes me feel bad? Should I donate it or is it worthwhile fixing? Make a decision. Get the dress out of the closet and into some place where there is a solution for the negativity.
Making the smallest of changes in your attitude will make the powerful differences in your life.
Picture your mind being an attic with all sorts of old relics that never seem to get thrown out. Your mind needs to be cleared of the clutter. Clear the “attic upstairs” and start to improve your life in black and white :).
What do you have in your closet that is causing you negativity? Have I helped you to make a decision?
Silvia Farache is a décor and image consultant in Bradford and freelance writer.
You can follow her on facebook and Bradford Cares!/pages/Addiction-Fine-Accessories-Silvia-Farache-Image-Consulting/181685308546546?fref=ts



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